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Grain Grinders
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The Roto Grind Grain Grinders are high capacity grain processors that allow you to control the consistency & size of grind without sacrificing capacity. University tests show increased milk production when using finely ground corn over rolled corn in the feed ration. Milk gains of 4 to 8 pounds per cow per day have been achieved!

The size of grind is easily adjusted. With -9- shear plates available, feed can be processed from a coarse grind, where grain is just cracked, to a very fine grind, where it is almost flour. The water valve kit allows water to be added as the grain is processed. Adding water gives you the option to raise moisture content to desired levels & controls dust during grinding. All types of grain, both high moisture & dry, can be processed by Roto Grind Grain Grinders!

  Model GG-7
Model GG-10
PTO Speed 1000 RPM 1000 RPM
PTO Shear Yoke Standard Standard
Hammers 36 Standard Hammers 48 Standard Hammers
Available In 3 Point Style? Yes Yes
Available With Loading Auger? Yes Yes
Number of Shear Plates 9 9
Mill Width / Rotor Width 7" Mill w/ 6" Rotor 10" Mill w/9" Rotor
Water Kit Standard Standard
3 Point Style Weight (approx.) 1800 2000
Trailer/Auger Style Weight (approx.) 2550 2750

Additional Standards
3 Point Style: Includes fill hipper, hardened hammers & hardened hammer pins

Trailer/Auger Style: Includes hardened hammers & hardened hammer pins 10" x 12 ft equipped with hydraulic motor, hoses and hydraulic flow control. Auger fill hopper & auger attachment swivel included.

Capacity Chart
(all capacities listed in tons per hour)

Shelled Corn--Dry or High Moisture

Horsepower Model GG-7 Model GG-10
70-100 12-20 N/A
100-135 15-30 N/A
135-160 25-38 30-45


25-38 45-60

Oats, Barley, Wheat, Milo

Horsepower Model GG-7 Model GG-10
70-100 8-15 N/A
100-135 12-24 N/A
135-160 20-30 24-36
160-200 20-30 35-48

Grinder Settings- Shelled corn can usually be
classified into -3- stages:

Fine Grind- Almost all corn is a very fine grind similar to corn meal with the largest kernel pieces about 1/8" in size
Medium Grind- About 1/3 of the product is very fine with the rest in 1/4 to 1/2 size kernels.
Coarse Grind- 90-95% cracked kernels with about 5% unground and about 5% ground fine.

The capacity ranges listed cover an average of the grinder settings described above. For a given horsepower range, the lower capacity will be for a finer grind and the upper capacity will be for a coarser grind. Moisture content will also have some effect on the output capacity of the machines. The Roto Grinder Tub Grinders, when properly equipped, will have the same capacities as shown.

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